Harnessing the power of MarkLogic to deliver world-class XML-centric applications

OverStory is a consultancy with unique expertise in MarkLogic, XML, XQuery, Java and related technologies. We assist our clients in harnessing the power of MarkLogic to deliver world-class, XML-centric applications.

OverStory stands out from the crowd. Not only for our unrivaled expertise in applying MarkLogic to solve real-world problems, but because our Principal Consultant is a former MarkLogic engineer who spent five years helping build MarkLogic.

At OverStory we literally know MarkLogic inside and out.

What We Offer


OverStory has a MarkLogic pedigree like no other consultancy. Senior OverStory technology staff helped build MarkLogic itself, working closely with the MarkLogic founders for several years.

OverStory can assist in all aspects of MarkLogic-based software development. Whether it's XQuery programming, XML modelling, performance tuning, cluster configuration for redundancy and robustness, or problem resolution, OverStory will help you get the most out of your MarkLogic investment.


OverStory can assist with your complete application architecture design. Modern web-scale applications, even those built on a revolutionary platform like MarkLogic, have many complex moving parts. OverStory has strong experience across all tiers of the software stack and can provide invaluable Big Picture perspective on how to lash everything together — or perhaps which bits to toss out.

Whether you need guidance designing a new, green-field project or urgent assistance keeping an existing application from falling over, OverStory can help you succeed. In addition to our strong in-house expertise, OverStory can call upon our network of world-class experts in such diverse areas as mobile apps, RESTful web services, language design, scalable operations and the Semantic Web.


OverStory can lead your project or lend targeted expertise to a project that's already underway — either short-term or over the long haul. OverStory is not a staffing agency but we can provide skilled people to meet just about any need either directly or via our network of trusted associate firms.

At OverStory, we're familiar with the latest agile development techniques. We can easily work within your established process or help you setup an effective agile methodology in-house.

Contact Us

OverStory maintains administrative offices in East Sussex, south of London. Our technical experts are often at client locations during business hours.

Business office
OverStory LLP
Mercator House, London Road
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United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1892 611161
Email: info@overstory.co.uk

Ron Hitchens
Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Twitter: @ronhitchens
Mobile: +44 7879 358212

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Sarah Bennett
Contracts & Office Manager